About Asali

Asali Hair and Beauty Ltd is a black own brand created to provide a platform for those with kinky curly and beautifully black hair to find products that are specifically designed for them and created by people who have dedicated their lives to understanding how black and textured hair works.


Asali was established in 2020 which was a very turbulent time globally and left the vast majority of us sat at home for months on end which is something quite foreign to most. This was actually a blessing in disguise for us as it allowed us to spend more time on social media which exposed us to a wide range of Black Owned Hair and beauty companies with amazing products. This exposure was due mainly to the #Blacklivesmatter campaign which got the cogs turning for us and from this point we haven’t looked back.


We have taken time to invest in what we think are the best hair care products on the market, and most importantly we are making an active effort to stock, support and provide a platform for black owned hair care brands.


One constant that you can count on from Asali is that we focus on quality from selecting our products the whole way through to customer service. We believe that through the growth of Asali Hair and Beauty Ltd. the exposure for other amazing small and medium size black owned hair care brands will grow.


Our product ranges are chosen specifically for their ability to do what is advertised, and we are very proud to be able to share these with you. We are well aware that with the tremendous variation in textures and characteristics of afro/curly hair, there is no one size fits all solution and more often than not, trying different products that you might not usually go for can help you on your healthy hair journey.


We hope that through developing a lasting relationship with Asali you can learn more about different brands that are available and offer amazing products that will keep you coming back.