Frequent Asked Questions

How can I make my curls more defined?

It is important to have realistic expectations of what your hair can do. Your curl pattern will determine the curl definition that you can achieve naturally; however, you can always enhance your curls by ensuring you keep your hair moisturised with essential oils, conditioners, moisturisers and allowing your hair enough time to set.

What should I do to make my hair grow faster?

There is no quick fix for hair growth. Hair will grow at the rate that it grows but what you can do it put in place steps to stop it breaking at the other end and also provide an environment for your hair growth to occur unhindered. Keeping your hair moisturized, implementing protective styling, proper detangling, and time will give you the progress that you seek to achieve.

Do I have to cut all of my hair off to go natural?

No, you do not. If you are uncomfortable with a shorter hair style, then you can slowly transition and when you are ready you can cut the remainder of the chemical processed ends off.

How can I keep my natural hair moisturised?

Use the LOC Method for moisture. Separate your hair into 4 or more sections. Secure each section with ponytail holders or clips. Use water or a leave in conditioner on all sections. Next, apply an oil like coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil. Lastly finish the process by applying a styling cream or butter. This layer process helps to seal moisture into your hair.

How do I deep condition my hair?

The use of hot oil treatments or deep conditioners are essential and should be done relatively regularly. Apply the conditioner or hot oil treatment to the hair and scalp, cover with a hair dryer bonnet attachment or sit under a dryer with your hair covered for 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can wrap your head in a towel. Then wash the hair thoroughly. This is very important for dry brittle hair.

A few natural oils to try are shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, emu oil, argan oil and sunflower oil. There are many others. It’s best to put these oils on your hair when it’s wet. That will hold in the moisture that is already there on the hair shaft. Using a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing cream (containing both water and oil) are useful on days when you do not wash your hair. The best type of oil or cream to use in your hair will depend on your hair type. It will be necessary for you to experiment to find what works best for your hair. Your climate, which may change with the time of the year, will also effect how you treat your hair. You might find your hair likes some things better in the summer and others in the winter.

How often should I was my hair?

How often you should wash your hair will vary greatly from person to person. Your hair type will impact this. Does your hair tend to get oily? If so, you’ll have to wash more often. Does your hair tend to dry out? If so, you might want to wash less often. Do you work out a lot (sweat)? What type of climate do you live in? Are you in conditions where there’s a lot of dirt in the air? All of these factors will play into how often you have to wash your hair. In general, black hair tends to be more dry than other hair types and will need to be washed less often. Even if there are factors that cause you to rinse more often (like swimming), you might want to consider simply rinsing and conditioning rather than applying shampoo every time. A good rule of thumb is to start with weekly washings and move up or down from there as you see how your hair reacts.

How do I handle my natural hair?

If your hair is very curly, kinky and/or coarse, it’s better to handle your hair while it is still wet or at least damp. You will probably find it easiest to comb through while you’re in the shower, using a wide tooth comb. If you comb while your hair is dry, you might find the comb catching on the kinks in the hair and breaking it off. Using a leave in conditioner or detangler is helpful for a lot of people.

How do I care for my childs hair?

After the age of somewhere around two to four years old, hair care for children is pretty much the same as hair care for adults- at least the same basic things apply. Children’s skin and hair until they are teens does tend to be more sensitive than adults. So, there are certain products you should not use on children. If your child is very young, find a good shampoo that won’t sting their eyes. But, generally, it is recommend that you get away from baby shampoos as soon as possible because most of the ones on the market are terrible for textured hair.